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Welcome to Grace Acupuncture & Herbs

Welcome to Grace Acupuncture & Herbs. Grace Acupuncture & Herbs, formerly Houston Acupuncture Center, was established nearly 30 years ago in the International District of Houston, Texas, with the goal of promoting traditional Chinese medical techniques and natural health. We specialize in Chinese acupuncture and herbs and also hold lectures on a diversity of topics including Qigong, natural health, alternative weight loss techniques, beauty, smoking cessation, alcoholism treatment techniques, and dietary adjustments. Presently, thousands of patients have been successfully treated at Grace Acupuncture & Herbs.

Currently, Grace Acupuncture & Herbs has seven doctors of Chinese Medicine, each of which have over 25 years of experience treating patients, and three of which are fully experienced Assistant Professors of Chinese Medicine. Chinese Herbal Pharmacy and Acupuncture treatment facilities. The Chinese Medicine pharmacy specializes in compounding medicinal herbs and herbal supplements. The acupuncture treatment facilities consists of 4 treatment rooms utilizing modern acupuncture and medical equipment, such as cupping, moxibustion, massage, and electric treatments.
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